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Is this the no.1 predicator of success?

As early as 2012 there was increasing discussion on the benefits of creative thinking and the role creativity plays in building a happier and more fulfilling life. A study that year conducted by Adobe “Creativity and Education: Why it matters”, … Read More

The only investment that matters

The only investment that matters. Let’s cut to the chase – it’s you. At dinner parties around the world you will hear plenty of chatter about investments. How your Retirement and Super Funds are performing, what bank has lower fees … Read More

Tall poppy or short poppy, everyone has ideas

Tall poppy or short poppy, everyone has ideas. Two of my aims of the trip were to paint a red apple to proudly hang on the kitchen wall and complete the Meisner acting course – did I mention my brush … Read More

Every picture tells a story

Every picture tells a story “Jeremy, are you an engineer by any chance”, Jake politely asked with a knowing smile on his face? “No one needs to build anything from your picture – just get the acrylic paint on the … Read More

Lights, Cameras, ….Actions can speak so much louder than words.

Lights, Cameras, …Actions can speak so much louder than words “You are off to do an acting course? Did you know Robert DeNiro is on this flight, let me see if he will sign your book”… And so began the … Read More

A creative awakening in a city that never sleeps

A creative awakening in the city than never sleeps. I love to travel. Let’s face it many of us do. It’s exciting, challenging, and brings new perspective by opening our eyes to new cultures, new ideas, and new experiences. Over … Read More

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