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Why Taking Your Eye Off The Ball Is Actually A Good Idea

I bet you are walking around with one right now. An idea not yet fully formed, a little gem of insight or creative thought that is bubbling away under the to do list and the demands of daily life. What … Read More

Want To Be A Better Communicator? There’s a New Stage-d Approach

It’s no secret that one of the most in-demand life skills is the ability to be an effective and compelling communicator. Someone who can get across their ideas, speak authentically, and master the 90% of communication that is non-verbal. Conversely, … Read More

5 Reasons How Finding Your Visual Voice Will Make You Happier

There’s a wealth of evidence that creativity is a key capability for happiness and growth in our professional and personal lives. From extensive global studies like “State of Create”* to insights from academics, thought leaders and business icons, creativity is … Read More

Creatively Igniting The Power of Your Creativity

Creativity by its nature is a divergent process. The Oxford dictionary talks about divergent thinking as “the avoidance of common limiting assumptions”. In layman’s terms it’s about moving away from our ingrained “mental model”. Opening ourselves to a range of experiences, thoughts, … Read More

Bringing Customer Experience to Life

With greater transparency, immediacy of information and a growing array of channels to review and to promote products and services, customers are empowered like never before, and businesses are increasingly acknowledging that great customer experience or CX, is a critical … Read More

Creating a new creative business

Recently arriving in New York City to lead the first Creative Cities 21 experience, it’s hard to believe that it’s 12 months since our last visit, one that would result in us developing and launching a new business. Back then … Read More

Vacational Learning – holidays to last a lifetime

There is no doubt that continuous learning is important. Learning new things, seeing different perspectives and increasing our skill set are critical to building a growth mindset which in turn helps us realise our full potential – individually and collectively. … Read More

On the road to burn-out? This could be just the detour you need – rediscovering your creative spark

AS SEEN IN THRIVE GLOBAL  On the road to burn-out? This could be just the detour you need. Rediscovering your creative spark. Burn out, wear out, whatever term we use for it , more and more people are feeling the … Read More

How HR can embrace creativity in a life-changing way

AS SEEN IN HCAMAG.COM  How HR can embrace creativity in a life-changing way The challenge for HR directors today is to find new and innovative programs to guide their workforce, at both executive and middle management level, to maintain focus … Read More

The most profitable investment

We can all feel the growing speed at which we live our lives, in this digitally super-charged, always-on world. With “Wellness Tourism” growing at twice the rate of overall tourism expenditure, it’s refreshing to see increasing numbers of people taking … Read More

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